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The Top 5 Advantages of Fresh Pet Food

The Top 5 Advantages of Fresh Pet Food
  • 29 November 2016
  • Pet Wants

Whether you’re the proud owner of a dog or a cat, you want your pet to be able to enjoy the highest quality of life every day. That means having plenty of energy, being in great health and feeling strong. One of the best ways to provide this type of life for your pet is to fill its bowl with fresh food. Since producing the highest quality of that type of food is what drives the Pet Wants team, we want to share some insights about exactly what makes fresh pet food so great:

  1. Skin and Coat Health

When people look great, they also feel great. The same concept applies to pets. Because the condition of an animal’s skin and coat is a reflection of its overall health, the rich nutrients provided by fresh pet food do a great job of helping pets look and feel amazing.

  1. Sustainable Energy

We all know what it’s like to get amped on an energy source like sugar or caffeine. You do get a boost, but it’s generally followed by a major crash. That’s because those substances are shortcuts instead of sustainable sources of energy like vitamins and minerals. By choosing fresh food for your pet, you can ensure it’s getting the right balance of nutrients to enjoy consistent energy for plenty of playtime and other fun.

  1. Better Digestion

Digesting highly processed foods isn’t an easy task. In fact, over time it can take a toll on the digestive system. Instead of being filled with things that aren’t easy to digest, fresh food provides pets with plenty of fiber and other essentials for healthy digestion.

  1. Potential Allergy Relief

Although it’s normal for pets to scratch themselves, if this is an activity that starts occurring with more frequency or intensity, it may be a sign of allergies. While there are a number of potential causes of allergies, different elements like fillers found in many brands of pet food are a common source. By feeding fresh, you can eliminate those potential triggers from your pet’s environment.

  1. Healthy Weight

It can be challenging to ensure a dog or cat gets all the nutrients it needs without feeding an excess of calories. If a pet starts carrying around extra weight, it can increase their risk for a variety of health problems. Our fresh less active dog blend and lean cat formula are perfect solutions for pets who need a little extra help to keep their weight at an optimal level.


If you want your pet to have a healthy coat and skin, sustainable energy, better digestion, potential relief from allergies and the ability to maintain a healthy weight, you can count on Pet Wants food thanks to the freshness and nutrient packed nature of all our delicious blends.